A family owned business


The family

The family behind Formica is the Olsson Eriksson family. Olsson Eriksson’s is one of the owners of Stena, one of Sweden’s largest family owned companies with global operations in e.g. Ferry Operations,Off-shore, Recycling, Real Estate and Investments.

With an ambition to build a substantial investment company that drives value creation and contributes to a sound and healthy society and the longevity of our planet, Formica was founded in 2018. The family has their roots in Gothenburg, Sweden but are active on a global arena.

Formica is run by an experienced investment team with a strong commitment to invest in and develop companies with an impactful purpose that can generate long-term superior returns.  

"With our long-term view on value creation, Formica is our way of contributing to a better world for the generations to come."


The Team