Formica Ventures

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Turnover 2018

The Formica Venture porfolio today consist of 3 high caliber companies

Devoted Health is a US-based health care solution provider driving accessibility and simplicity in healthcare centered around the patient - not the provider. "The Devoted Solution" encompass putting the focus back on the patient, building relationships between providers, focusing on quality over quantity, in essence making healthcare easier and better.

Sierra Energy: Sierra Energy is committed to innovation that leads to a zero waste future. Since 2004, Sierra Energy has focused on the development of FastOx® gasification, a technology that turns trash into energy without burning. This sustainable solution is commercially available to meet the needs of the modern waste industry.

The company continues to advance its technology and test new applications for gasification at the Sierra Energy Research Park in Davis, California. Sierra Energy’s commercial facility is located in Monterey County, California.

Orbital Systems is a transforming our usage of water with an instant recirculation system, saving water usage with up to 90% in current applications. Water is one of our most precious natural resources and many areas of the world are facing severe water shortage in a near future with our current level of consumption.

Right now, depending on where we live, every person’s personal water consumption is around 200 litres per day. The company's mission is to radically lower that amount, without compromising our quality of life. Orbital systems has started with the shower, which is where most of our daily personal water consumption gets wasted. The current system is the most efficient shower for saving water and energy in the world, and Orbital Systems is working on applying this water saving technology to additional products and applications.