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Makers of Tomorrow



Number of employees

1 700 MSEK

Turnover 2019

Cybercom is a leading IT- and digitalization consulting company in the Nordic region with over 1,300 employees in four countries. The company is assisting premium clients in developing sustainable and profitable businesses, through offering consultancy services within digitalization, Internet of Things, secure connectivity and cloud services.

Digitalization is the strongest social trend of our time and a catalyst for human development. Cybercom’s mission is to guide clients in a positive direction to promote sustainable business and future-proof social development. Digitalization and global sustainability should work hand-in-glove, and Cybercom is based on a firm belief that they are a joint driver of innovation and growth.

There are over 200 000 people working in the IT consultancy industry in the Nordic region and most companies engage IT consultants on a regular basis. This means that there is a huge impact potential in developing the IT consultancy industry in a more sustainable direction.