Formica Capital releases 1st edition Impact & Responsibility Report

October 18, 2021

Formica’s first equivalence to a sustainability report highlights the responsibilities Formica have in the shift to a sustainable society and the opportunities to have positive impact. The report details Formicas approach to impact and responsibility throughout investing, enabling, executing and inspiring this shift. The report also introduces the Formica Formula, a framework designed to help portfolio companies excel in the sustainability shift.  

The release of the first report is a mile stone for Formica. Formica is building its reporting capabilities in parallel with the formation of a strategic portfolio and key metrics of portfolio companies is presented in the report. The emphasis is however on Formicas approach to impact & responsibilities in investing and the introduction of the Impactful Solutions Map and Formica Formula.

The Impactful Solutions Map is an overview over solution areas with high impact that can help five key systems enabling modern society become sustainable. The report also contains a special deep dive into the energy system as an example. Together with the attributes that Formica look for in companies it gives a good view of where Formica is looking to invest to increase impact and returns.

A key part of the report also introduces the Formica Formula, which is best described as how Formica enables its portfolio companies to better create value from the sustainability shift. The Formula includes capabilities companies need in order to manage the shift well and the process to build them as well as how to execute on the shift.

Formica is looking to inspire others to do more in the shift. The report could be read by stakeholders like employees, other investors and management teams looking for investors to partner with to better understand Formicas expectations and intentions in the shift to a more sustainable society.

Olof Cato, CEO Formica Capital:
“We are very excited to release our first impact & responsibility report. Impact is central to our view on value creation and we hope this report clarifies our approach to potential partners. We believe in acting together with others with the same ambition to improve our positive impact on society”

“We hope to inspire others by the clear distinction between responsibility and impact, which are both very important in the shift, but of different nature. Our Formula shows how we can support our companies to be successful and is something that we will continue to build upon in coming years. Hopefully after feedback from others reading this report”, says Tomas Haglund-Flemström, Head of Impact & Innovation at Formica Capital.

Read the full report here.


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About Formica Capital

Formica Capital is a Swedish investment company with a long-term ownership strategy. It is owned by the Olsson Eriksson family. Formica Capital creates value by being an active owner in profitable and long-term sustainable companies, that positively impacts society. Formica’s purpose is to invest with a purpose and its mission includes partnering with purpose-led management teams.