Formica means Ant

Formica is the Latin word for ant, encouraging each and every one of us to contribute in making societies healthier and the planet more sustainable piece by piece.

Investing with a purpose

Formica Capital was founded in 2018 by the Olsson Eriksson family who are highly committed to building the high performing sustainable businesses of tomorrow.

Formica is an investment company with a long-term investment perspective, driving performance under a strong sustainability agenda in both investment selection as well as in its active ownership model.

Impactful investments through active ownership and a long-term ownership perspective

Strong drive to create impact

Formica invests in companies with a strong purpose and a clear commitment to address global challenges. We are convinced that long-term growth and profitability potential can only exist in sustainable companies and reversely, that companies can only be long-term sustainable if they are growing and profitable.

We are looking to partner up with strong, purpose driven management teams in leading mid-sized companies, primarily in the Nordic region. Through active ownership focused on value creation as well as driving acceleration of impactful solutions, we develop companies with a long-term focus. Our setup gives us a full flexibility, we can invest both as a minority and as a majority owner in private, as well as public, companies.

Please read our Impact and Responsibility Investment Policy and the latest edition of our Impact and Responsibility Report.

For our previous Impact and Responsibility Report, please see here.

Impact as an investment theme

At Formica we strive for a systemic perspective on our investments. To identify the right areas to invest in for positive impact we have produced what we call an Impactful Solutions Map.

The Solutions Map contain six societal systems that rapidly need to be transformed for society to mitigate climate change and meet the SDGs. They all have a significant influence on society’s ability to keep within planetary boundaries and improve human well-being and need substantial investments here and now to become sustainable.

See the full Solutions Map here.